Designing impactful team building creates stronger bonds among employees

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When working on strengthening the collaborative spirit among team members, human resource departments of companies often use team building activities where employees are encouraged to work together around obstacles and solve problems in a more fun and relaxing environment.

Sessions and workshops are held in hotels and resorts over the weekend, which are also often clubbed with planning sessions and goal-setting activities. However, times have changed over the last few decades and there are many different activities where collaboration efforts can be designed in a more impactful way  – which is good for the staff and good for the environment too.

Planting trees as a business is not only great for the environment but is also an effective way to commit to Climate Action while engaging your employees and your brand

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Goumbook has been designing personalized team building activities for organizations across the UAE in more than 10 years, along with awareness and education talks. Our tree planting activities through the Give a Ghaf campaign, has engaged many of our participants to connect and collaborate intuitively with peers.

The fact is that when we engage with our fellow workers in a common goal that is greater than our personal issues and concerns, the team develops feelings of cooperation and unity even more naturally. Moreover, their love for nature and our planet which is inherent in everyone, becomes more apparent. It only needs to be brought forward through engaging activities.

We engage with community members to clean the environment by collecting cigarette butts which are then recycled into valuable manufacturing material.

Save The Butts Beach clean-up activity

Save The Butts Beach clean-up activity

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Our beach clean-up activity, under the Save the Butts initiative, almost always get a high turnout and rate of participation from employees. They do understand that being by the beach is relaxing, but apart from that, they take part in keeping them clean. Nothing can be more motivating and inspiring than a day spent with nature. Isn’t that right?

Often a lack of knowledge paralyzes us from making change. We can help you and your team gain a solid understanding of the scientific concepts behind and the impact of climate change on humanity.

Another activity is our Climate Fresk workshop which has earned the interest of our stakeholders as the topic on climate change becomes more relevant. This activity has become especially important when educating and raising awareness about climate change among employees and get them around to supporting the company’s sustainability goals.

As businesses today realize the necessity and urgency of shifting to new business models that incorporate an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) approach, it becomes more appropriate to design team building programs that are not only cost-effective, saving resources for the company, but also meaningful and impactful. 

Times are truly changing, and social gatherings with heightened awareness in terms of social and environmental value often leave a stronger and longer imprint in staff’s memories.