We appreciate the support of:

We are grateful to work closely with the public sector as well as local and international organizations supporting Goumbook’s work while demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and getting actively involved in both awareness efforts and local action.

We are affiliated with:

We are proud to be signatories or members of the below organisations to unlock transformational change through strategic partnerships and collaborative action, and to create a more just, equitable, regenerative world.

Our network of committed partners & clients include:

Goumbook helps companies manage their sustainable practices with the assistance of tailored management tools, as well as actively involve staff in environmental events and hands-on experiences.

We value our engagement with the education sector:

Goumbook is actively involved in empowering the Youth, driving awareness to foster environmental values and sustainable practices.

We value our partnerships with purpose-led organisations and not-for-profits:

Throughout the years, Goumbook has formed strategic alliances with nonprofit organisations and social enterprises to scale and achieve greater impact. 

Partner with Goumbook and join other impactful businesses and organisations dedicated to creating a positive impact on people and planet.

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