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We integrate youth volunteering programs across all our initiatives, providing Youth with knowledge and tools towards environmental awareness, social responsibility, sustainability and climate action. For example, we run educational tree planting sessions at schools across the region to promote these concepts through fun activities, as well as plastic reduction and climate change awareness sessions. By encouraging school student volunteering and engagement, we aim to inspire and empower them to be part of the sustainable future they wish to achieve.

What is Goumbook Youth Action about?

A 2021 survey of 10,000 children and young people (aged 16–25 years) in ten countries (Australia, Brazil, Finland, France, India, Nigeria, Philippines, Portugal, the UK, and the USA) found that more than 45% felt their worries about climate change negatively affect their daily life and functioning, and many reported a high number of negative thoughts about climate change. A staggering 75% said that they think the future is frightening and 83% said that they think older generations have failed to take care of the planet.

Since a couple of years Goumbook has dedicated even more time and efforts to engage with younger generations and we have launched our Youth Action initiatives to make sure they understand that they can be part of the solutions to fight climate change as well as pollution, water scarcity, social injustice and other global challenges.

Youth Action wants to empower young individuals and help them become environmentally conscious to inspire sustainable living practices in their schools and in their communities, with the unique support and guidance of Goumbook.

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Become A Youth Action Ambassador

The end objective of Drop It Youth is to raise awareness about single-use plastic pollution and encourage individuals and organisations to reduce their CO2 emissions through simple everyday choices.

Drop It Youth ambassadors will be encouraging people around them to take online pledges to switch to filtered tap water, or to stop using single-use plastic bottles, bags, cups and straws.

Once they have been officially selected by our supporting partners, Drop It Youth ambassadors will receive a unique set of tools: posters, infographics, social media posts, ‘how to’ guides and videos. These tools (to be received in soft copy) will enable the ambassadors to make a head start on the campaign; spreading awareness within their own community (schools, neighbourhoods etc…) for a plastic-free approach to everyday life.

A dedicated Facebook Group will offer support and bring young ambassadors together, in order to encourage the birth of a young community of environmental enthusiasts.

Drop It Youth ambassadors (individuals or groups) will be invited to run their respective campaigns from November 2018 to May 2019. They will be provided with a list of potential activities and initiatives in order to raise awareness on plastic pollution, and provide everyday solutions to create less waste.

The Drop It Youth team will be available to answer all questions online, share more exclusive content and support all young ambassadors throughout their campaign, by giving awareness talks at school, organising movie screenings on environmental documentaries, or real life get togethers.

Drop It Youth ambassadors will be rewarded with a special participation certificate during an award ceremony to be held in Dubai, in the month of May of each campaign year.

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