The first step to change is awareness

We tailor to your needs and align with your sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies. We develop personalized environmental and social awareness and education talks, team-building activities, and in-house training for companies, organizations, and schools. Our range of impactful activities, from tree planting and beach clean-ups to climate fresk workshops, think tanks, panel discussions, awareness sessions, talks, working groups, training, events, campaigns, activations, and team-building workshops, can help your organization stay up-to-date on the dynamic and inspiring field of environmental, organizational, and social sustainability.

The topics we usually cover circular economy, sustainability, water scarcity, environmental protection and regeneration, waste management, and going plastic-free. Additionally, we discuss the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), climate change, corporate ESG, Carbon Offsetting on a path to net zero, ecosystem, and social preservation & regeneration.

Awareness is often the stepping stone to launching further purpose-driven ambitions, engaging employees, developing skills and capacity in a field of interest. This will also allow your organization to get up to speed on the ever-evolving and exciting space of environmental, organizational, and social sustainability.

Below you will find a few examples of what we can offer: from tree planting to beach clean-ups to climate change workshops, you will find a variety of impactful activities for your employees to get involved in.

Awareness & Education

Think Tanks & Panel Discussions
Awareness Sessions, Talks & Workshops
Working Groups & Trainings
Events, Campaigns & Activations

Examples of CSR Activities & Employee Engagement

Tree Plantings
Team Packing


”Thank you for the great session, everyone enjoyed and gained a lot of knowledge and new information! We look forward to working closely in the future on other initiatives.” Fatima Alshamsi, Quality, Health, Safety and Environment at Masdar.

”We really thank you and your team, for giving our staff, once again, the opportunity to volunteer with Goumbook. They really enjoyed and had a pleasant day. This is an activity which is never close to their daily routine, so they are feeling really great after the planting activity. Many thanks once again.”  Aleena Bleson, Senior People Advisor, Laing O’Rourke Middle East

”This was an eye opening activity, learning what a massive impact a single cigarette butt has to the environment and how we as an individual and company could help save our plate making it just that bit better. The two instructor were knowledgeable, friendly and very passionate” Employee at ITP Media Group

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