Trees Matter

Replant our global forests, regenerate this crucial natural capital and ecosystem and offset your carbon footprint!

Stop deforestation and plant trees for good

Did you know that the current rate of deforestation loss is 36 football fields every minute (Conservation International

Did you know that the loss of forests contributes between 12% and 17% of the annual global greenhouse gas emissions? (World Resource Institute)

The quest for a sustainable future has gained traction in the region with local and national initiatives and development plans such as the Dubai2040 Urban Master Plan, Abu Dhabi’s plans to plant 50.000 mangroves this year on the occasion of the UAE’s 50th anniversary, and Saudi Arabia’s campaign to plant 10 billion trees in the coming decades.

As more organizations in the UAE become increasingly aware of their important role in reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and commit to goals aimed at mitigating the risks of climate change, Goumbook has launched Trees Matter, a program designed to facilitate companies’ efforts to achieve carbon neutrality. In partnership with the United Nations Trillion Tree Campaign, the new global planting program is a call to action for enterprises and entities to join efforts for a sustainable future.

Goumbook is now offering businesses and organizations the opportunity to contribute to reforestation and restoration of ecosystems, and to offset carbon emissions while meeting their sustainability goals through a range of global planting projects.

Goumbook has partnered with certified organizations from the Middle East, Europe, and North America to offer accredited projects involving ecosystem restoration, energy efficiency, and renewable energy, combining environmental with socio-economic benefits in a holistic, community-centred approach.

How can we help you?

We advise and recommend suitable programmes that plant trees via certified reforestation initiatives across the globe aligning with your sustainability and CSR objectives.

Trees Matter contributes to the regeneration of forests as a natural capital securing the future of raw material supply of so many industry supply chains that rely on it.

By partnering with us and supporting our Trees Matter global reforestation initiative, your company can contribute to carbon capturing the carbon footprint related to your corporate activity, protect the biodiversity and forest ecosystem, and support the communities that rely on forests.

  • Nature provides the best solutions for carbon capture and storage (CCS), in the form of forests, where offsets are measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent (CO2e).
  • Trees and forests play a crucial and vital role in preserving the environment’s biodiversity with its efficient carbon emissions capturing therefore curving global warming and climate change, global water cycles and supplies the oxygen that makes life possible.
  • Humanity relies on forests as an irreplaceable source of foods and medicine.
  • Social standards through the livelihoods of 1.6 Billion people that rely directly on the forests. Deforestation affects soil erosion and increases the risk and impact of floods.
  • Economic activity within the direct and indirect industries that rely on the forests’ vast resources.

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