LinkedIn announces Top Voices Green, a list of five influencers to follow in the UAE

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Wondering what profiles to follow on LinkedIn for sustainability topics in the UAE?

On the occasion of the 26th United Nations Climate Conference, LinkedIn published the first Top Voices Green edition, revealing the top five members to follow to stay up to date on the news and analysis around sustainability and environmental topics.

From recycling, to the role of corporate social responsibility in fighting climate change, and achieving net-zero targets, our Top Voices are contributing to economic progress by making LinkedIn members aware of environmental issues.

As the mitigation and adaptation to climate change have become a global imperative, the UAE, a country that produces 3% of the world’s oil, was the first GCC country to announce a net-zero pledge, committing to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 and to invest 600 billion dirhams in clean and renewable energy, while submitting a bid to host COP 28 in Abu Dhabi. These transformational plans are expected to drive economic growth, and thus job creation, analysts expect. While the country’s plans to boost its crude oil output capabilities are still ongoing, the UAE is keen on growing and investing in sustainability and being part of the global energy transition.

The five LinkedIn Top Voices amplify the conversation around the different topics of sustainability, including. While they come from different backgrounds and careers paths, all our Top Voices share the common goal of reversing climate change.

Follow these five thought leaders to stay up to date with the trending news and conversations shaping sustainability agendas.

Top Voices is a series of lists that have been editorially curated by the LinkedIn News team, which highlight the creators to follow who are writing and sharing about today’s important workplace, career and industry topics.

Check out this year’s #LinkedInTopVoices Green — and follow them to stay plugged into the conversation.

What she talks about: As the UAE’s permanent representative at the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Nawal talks about the scientific realities of climate change, and shares her opinion pieces on the country’s net-zero journey. In her podcast ‘On Renewables,’ she chats with her guests about access to sustainable energy, hosting global experts to discuss policy plans and other sustainability questions.

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What she talks about: Tatiana is an environmental advocate, the founder and managing director of Goumbook, a startup that manages sustainability and green-living projects and campaigns. Her posts cover several subjects, like the needed collective action in the GCC to reduce carbon footprints, and raising awareness around sustainability campaigns. She also shares her engagement and insights from the startup ecosystem.

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What he talks about: Alex is a chartered communicator and chartered marketer, currently the corporate communications director for Schneider Electric MEA. Through his posts and podcast Schneider Electric MEA Goes Green, he talks about the implementation of net-zero pledges in the Gulf, sustainable investment, and explores crucial sustainability issues like the deregulation of energy markets.

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What she talks about: Lara is the co-founder of The Waste Lab, a startup that aims to transform food scrap into compost to benefit the soil. She talks about composting and repurposing food scraps. She also shares insights from her journey as a female founder giving her followers a sneak peek into the startup life.

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What he talks about: Marc is the founder of Companies for Good, a social startup that aims to help businesses create a positive impact for their employees and communities. He talks about the CSR projects he organizes, giving his followers insights from the field on various topics.

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