Sustainable Gift Ideas Perfect For Valentine’s Day 2021

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Sustainable Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

Year-round, Goumbook promotes responsible consumption as one of the most important things each and every one of us can do to channel our power as consumers of goods and services: It allows us to lower our ecological footprint, avoid negative social impact, and encourage mindful reflection about what we really need – and what conditions we want the things we buy to be produced under.

Valentine’s Day is seen by many as a day of un-called for consumption through gifting – but it does not have to be. Showing our love and appreciation to others becomes even more meaningful if we bypass the bouquet from the gas station, the mass-manufactured chocolates and the pink teddy bears that are most likely to spend their lifetime collecting dust. 

Instead, we can use this day (or any other, really) to give considerate, ethical, and sustainable gifts with a side-benefit of supporting local businesses in their struggle for survival during the pandemic.

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Here are a few ideas:

  1. Chose unique treats over mass-products. Who doesn’t like chocolate? Treat your Valentine to something extra special with organic artisan specialities made in Dubai. Chocopaz Chocolatier
  2. Romantic candles without the toxins. Light up only eyes, not chemicals, with these candles handmade from all-natural ingredients that don’t just look pretty but also smell divine. Palm Lights FZE
  3. A planet-friendly dinner invitation. Why not treat your loved one to a romantic, plant-based dinner for two this Valentine’s Day? Wild and the Moon
  4. Beauty products that are kind to body and planet. Perfumes and luxurious skincare products are a favourite gift for obvious reasons – chose ones that are chemical- and cruelty free as well! Shirley Conlon Organics
  5. Unique, ethical jewellery. Gift ethically sourced jewellery with these conflict-free, sustainably created diamonds. FYNE Jewellery
  6. Paperless greeting cards. Send a tree-free Valentine’s card this year to make both the recipient and the planet happy. Blue Mountain
  7. Plant a tree in your loved one’s name. Instead of buying flowers that last only a few days, why not plant your loved one a tree that lasts for decades? Give a Ghaf


For more ethical and sustainable products, visit Sustainable MENA HERE

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