The Green Sheikh on fostering the youth as future climate champions

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H.H Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Nuaimi, popularly known as The Green Sheikh, joins us on the episode. Sheikh Abdul Aziz serves as environmental advisor to the Ajman Government and is also the founder of the Al Ihsan Charity, which he started in 1998 and The Green Sheikh Academy in 2018. We talk about his journey to becoming a climate leader, his mission to inspire over a billion individuals through his new program for the youth—The Climate Champions—and his expectations from COP28.

Harmony by H.H. Maryam A. Al Nuaimi aka BlueSheikha 

Harmony blooms when we’re one world,
All together, we create peace.
As one community, we create a masterpiece,
H2O signifies our unity, a beautiful release.
Hydrogen, the essence of a human’s core,
Oxygen, the circle of life in the air.
You may feel lost along the way,
But follow the light, it’ll be your guide.
Water flows through everything we see,
Like freedom, it’s wild, pure, and free.
The vast, endless ocean, so deep and so wide
A source of life’s beauty, in its rolling tide.
Beneath the sky, where raindrops fall,
Children’s laughter is a joyful call.
With the puddles as their playground, they leap and they play
In nature’s gift, on a rainy day.
Our duty it is to protect this grand sea,
For the creatures within it, for you and for me.
To protect our Earth, keep it alive
Climate change is a challenge we must survive. 
Us as climate champions, we must strive.
For guiding us toward a sustainable heart.
In a world where the temperatures rises high,
We take action, to reach towards the sky.
Let’s strive to be greater human beings
Keep the oceans clean, give marine life a chance.
So children will have a world worth promises to keep.

This episode is part of our special series, Climate Leaders – Rising up to COP28. We’re sharing inspiring stories of sustainability leaders and climate champions, driving impact from our region to the world.

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