Japan’s Famous Brand Muji Adopts Greener Alternative For Its Beverages

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In an effort to cut single-use plastic bottles and the proliferation of plastic waste on the planet, turning to aluminum cans as a greener alternative is increasingly becoming a trend. Muji, a world renowned Japanese lifestyle brand, is one of the latest adopters for its ready-to-drink beverages such as tea and soda.

Aluminum cans in Japan are easier to recycle and have very high reuse rates 98 per cent, according to reports, citing the Japan Aluminum Can Recycling Association. The cans are also considered as a better option when it comes to prolonging the shelf-life to products as it blocks out light, thereby reducing food waste.

The brand has taken a step further by also placing water dispensers for its customers, encouraging them to refill their reusable bottles free of charge. A total of 270 Muji stores have now the free water dispensers which started in July 2020 and are set to be expanded across 460 stores by end of 2021. 

The move is part of Ryohin Keikaku’s, the company behind the Muji brand, efforts to meet its sustainable development goals commitment. Free water refill schemes are also rapidly picking up as a trend among companies who are raising the level of their commitment to environmental sustainability. 

According to UK-based movement Refill, an app which offers conscious consumers worldwide to find locations where there are free water refilling stations, about 30,000 places across the world have been registered in the app, indicating that more and more organizations are supportive of the concept as a way to stop plastic pollution.