Evian launches use of recyclable cans & recycled PET bottle for sparkling water

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You are currently viewing Evian launches use of recyclable cans & recycled PET bottle for sparkling water

French water brand Evian has launched the ‘Evian Sparkling’ in aluminium can and in a 100 per cent recycled PET plastic bottle. The latest products come as part of the brand’s move to shift towards a more sustainable packaging, pledging in 2018 to become a circular brand by 2025.

An increasing number of water brands are shifting to recyclable aluminium cans for their packaging following the raising global concern to the littering of single-use plastic water bottles. 

Campaigns against the unsustainable disposal of single-use plastic bottles and its harmful impact on the environment, people and animals have led to more companies rethinking the use of single-use plastic bottles in their products. 

Shweta Harit, VP of marketing at Evian, said: “Evian Sparkling represents new possibilities for the brand, as we reimagine our uniquely sourced water into an exciting new product. This new product contains the perfect level of sparkles with its fine bubbles creating a subtle taste and gentle intensity. Available for the first time in recyclable aluminium cans, this latest innovation demonstrates our longstanding pioneering spirit that runs through everything we do at Evian.”

Along with other beverage products shifting to the use of cans, the brand has also introduced an in-home water ‘bubble’ solution, the Evian re(new), aimed at significantly reducing plastic packaging.